Butterfly Week With Dr. Nana Plum


This is loads of fun for little ones visiting Wisley Gardens this weekend.

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www.dr-nanaplum-amazingbooksforchildren.com Bellamy The Butterfly available on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bellamy-Butterfly-Dug-Rosie-Garden/dp/0992618835

“A handsome, colourful butterfly with beating wings came fluttering by. He made no whisper, made no sound, as he flitted and floated high above ground…”

In celebration that I will be back at Wisley Gardens next weekend reading Bellamy The Butterfly, I have decided to dedicate this week on my blog to those wonderful little creatures that captivate the imaginations of poets and artists alike. All week, I will be posting snippets of inspiration about butterflies ~ from photography, to poetry, to alliteration and art. I hope you will enjoy this and join me here.

This is the butterfly originally created by the wonderful Marta Perine-Bacon and coloured by me!

The challenge of the Pa Dug & Rosie series was to tell factual stories about how everything in the garden serves a purpose ~ including bees, butterflies, and worms and to attempt to bring poetry to science by writing…

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Wednesday Poetry Corner With Jennifer Cartland


A must read blog/poem!

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Touching Angels https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/touching-angels/id511597931 Niah Clune

I have great pleasure in introducing a poem by Jennifer Cartland to the plum tree. I love the straightforward simplicity of this poem. And I love its poignant ending. This is another of our brilliant submissions for the MOTHER anthology, which we hope will be ready for Mother’s Day 2015. And this is the third in the series of angel illustrations submitted by the brilliant Cleber Pacheco. And while we are on the subject of angels, you will find Touching Angels HERE If you are in the mood for really gentle sounds, this CD is just for you, with love from me.

If you have a poem or art to send in, please do so. We would love to hear from you.

The gift
By Jennifer Cartland

Cleber Pacheco for Plum Tree Books Mother Anthology. www.plumtreebooks.co.uk MOTHER Anthology

Angel By Cleber Pacheco

Somewhere in the silky trill of the early birds
my memory finds you,
and in its deep wanderings

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July 1 is Canada’s National Day, and today’s blog post is dedicated to everything Canadian. The Canadian government is supporting and fostering literature, writers and publishers, even ISBN’s are FREE in Canada!
There is a huge list of government grants and support for writers and publishers. The Canada Council for the Arts offers a range of benefits for professional Canadian writers, collectives and publishers.  In addition to providing support for the creation, translation, publication and promotion of Canadian literature, the “Writing and Publishing Section” funds among others for example author residencies, literary readings and festivals, as well as new areas of activity such as rap poetry, storytelling and electronic literature.

Just one of many provincial benefits for publishers is the Ontario Book Publishing Tax Credit, offering  generous tax deductions.

Good news…

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The Wednesday Poetry Corner With Jacinta Caplan


I Love this!!

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 Cleber Pacheco for Plum Tree Books Mother Anthology. www.plumtreebooks.co.uk

Angel By Cleber Pacheco

Introducing Jacinta Caplan to the plum tree. Jacinta  submitted this very powerful poem for the Plum Tree Book’s Poetry anthology on MOTHER! I love her poetry and her ability to express so much in so few words. Thank you Jacinta. Art work is by the fabulous Cleber Pacheco. There is still time to submit yours to niamhclune@plumtreebooks.co.uk.

The Search

I look for my mother

every day

and every night.

To brush my hair,

sit at my table,

light the candles.

I listen for her eyes

every day

and every night

To speak wise and

witty, stern and sweet.

Still, I look for her.

My mother looked

for her mother.

My father was

also looking for

his mother.

As you will look

every day

and every night.

until you too are


(c) 2014 Jacinta Camacho Kaplan

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My Declaration Of Independence.


I am also influenced by love and beauty, kindness and compassion, yearning and striving. Heaven help me in this world of ours.

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I am not governed by a foreign power; I am self-governed.
I am as free as I can be from the control of others.
I am influenced by love and beauty, kindness and compassion, yearning and striving.
I am self-reliant – an independent mind that cannot be reigned in, repressed or shape-shifted to please the status quo.
I do not depend on someone else to decide whether or not, I can express my voice in the world.
I am not determined by fashion – not the next J.K. Rowling – not trying to write the next Fifty One Shades Of Lighter Grey.
I am not determined by the outcome of statistics or the result of a study, or the promise of a guaranteed 5,000 advance sales.
I will not be watered down, nor have my chocolate sweetened.
I am cocoa, Marmite, chilli and garlic ~ an Independent Artist, Writer or Publisher who creates…

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Ice Dogs by Terry Lynn Johnson

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IIce Doge9780547899268_p0_v1_s260x420ce Dogs

Terry Lynn Johnson

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Fiction, 2014

Suitable for Ages: 10-14

Themes: Sled dogs, Alaska, Wilderness, Survival, Grief

Opening: All eight of my dogs are stretched in front of me in pairs along the gangline. They claw the ground in frustration as the loudspeaker blares. “Here’s team number five. Our hometown girl, fourteen-year-old Victoria Secord!”

Synopsis:  Victoria is a dogsled racer in Alaska. Since the recent death of her father, who taught her everything she knows about being a musher, she pours herself into training her dogs and preparing for the White Wolf Classic. On a routine run, she comes across Chris who is injured in a snowmobile accident. A fast-approaching blizzard catches Victoria by surprise and covers her sled trails. She finds herself lost in the frozen wilderness with little food or protection. Her real race becomes one of survival against time. Will she be able to save Chris and herself?

Why I like this book

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Have a look!

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let’s go to the ends of our yearning
let’s free it from the banal
live passionately
daringly, beautifully.
lest we never live at all

let’s walk through the fires of longing
let’s feel them burn the dross
live fearlessly
truthfully, with bravery
never counting spectred cost

For this is all we have, my friend
when life does strip us bare
our symphony, melody, harmony
the sweetest breath of air.

Copyright 2013 Niamh Clune
Art: Skadi’s Longing For The Mountain

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