The Wednesday Poetry Corner With Jacinta Caplan

I Love this!!

Dr Niamh's Children's Books

 Cleber Pacheco for Plum Tree Books Mother Anthology. Angel By Cleber Pacheco

Introducing Jacinta Caplan to the plum tree. Jacinta  submitted this very powerful poem for the Plum Tree Book’s Poetry anthology on MOTHER! I love her poetry and her ability to express so much in so few words. Thank you Jacinta. Art work is by the fabulous Cleber Pacheco. There is still time to submit yours to

The Search

I look for my mother

every day

and every night.

To brush my hair,

sit at my table,

light the candles.

I listen for her eyes

every day

and every night

To speak wise and

witty, stern and sweet.

Still, I look for her.

My mother looked

for her mother.

My father was

also looking for

his mother.

As you will look

every day

and every night.

until you too are


(c) 2014 Jacinta Camacho Kaplan

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