Butterfly Week With Dr. Nana Plum

This is loads of fun for little ones visiting Wisley Gardens this weekend.

Dr Niamh's Children's Books

www.dr-nanaplum-amazingbooksforchildren.com Bellamy The Butterfly available on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bellamy-Butterfly-Dug-Rosie-Garden/dp/0992618835 “A handsome, colourful butterfly with beating wings came fluttering by. He made no whisper, made no sound, as he flitted and floated high above ground…”

In celebration that I will be back at Wisley Gardens next weekend reading Bellamy The Butterfly, I have decided to dedicate this week on my blog to those wonderful little creatures that captivate the imaginations of poets and artists alike. All week, I will be posting snippets of inspiration about butterflies ~ from photography, to poetry, to alliteration and art. I hope you will enjoy this and join me here.

This is the butterfly originally created by the wonderful Marta Perine-Bacon and coloured by me!

The challenge of the Pa Dug & Rosie series was to tell factual stories about how everything in the garden serves a purpose ~ including bees, butterflies, and worms and to attempt to bring poetry to science by writing…

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