The Wednesday Poetry Corner: Bellamy The Butterfly

“There’ll be no frogs or princes today.”

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As this is The Wednesday Poetry Corner, and I am celebrating reading Bellamy The Butterfly at Wisley Gardens this weekend, I thought I would give you a snippet of the story ~ all in rhyme! Bellamy The Butterfly available on Amazon

…And Pa said, “Bellamy is a magician.
Showing us change and transformation.”

And Rosie said, “That’s a very big word.
That word is a word that I’ve never heard.”

“It means from a-this,” said Pa, “to a-that;
When a thing changes shape from a round to a flat.
Or a thin to a fat, or a big to a small,
Or a wet to a dry, or a low to a tall.
And Bellamy’s clever at making the switch.”

copyright 2013 From Bellamy The Butterfly

And Rosie asked Pa, “Is he like a witch ~
Changing snails into horses and frogs into bats,
And dragons to princes and toads into cats?”

And Bellamy flew on his butterfly way.
“Don’t go,” said…

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